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Controlling eating habits and losing weight

Techniques such as EFT, NLP and hypnosis can be very helpful in assisting you to control your eating habits and lose weight. Some people have problems directly related to overeating, while others may experience addictive food cravings or bouts of binge eating. I work with each person on an individual basis in order to identify and release the unique causes underlying the problem, in order that any addictive habits are overcome and weight control, or loss, becomes sustainable.

What causes these problems

Food related issues are frequently associated with unfulfilled emotional states, and many people will recognise that they are eating for comfort rather than to satisfy a normal body hunger. Once the underlying emotional issues are released any tendency to overindulge in food, or in a particular food such as chocolate or sweets, will start to lessen.

Sometimes there is a need to address eating behaviours which may have been learned from childhood, for example, the need to finish everything on a plate - especially in a household where food may have been in short supply. In other cases it may be that your mother or father has had issues with their own body image and might have criticised your eating habits, or the amount of food you were eating, because of their own fears around food.

A healthy eating lifestyle

In order to be successful in overcoming any problems with eating habits it is necessary to adopt a new healthy eating lifestyle. This means I will be asking you to look at what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat; for some people, it may also be necessary to review how much alcohol you drink on a regular basis.

You will be encouraged to plan for success. This may mean taking your own home-prepared lunch to work, or planning your meals for the week before you go shopping, or even planning some other activity which you can do in the evening to keep you occupied and to stop you from raiding the fridge or freezer for food.

Exercise is very important. I won't be expecting you to join a gym, but you will need to incorporate some exercise into your daily life, for example, an early morning swim or a walk in the park at lunchtime.

How many sessions will I need

I usually work with my clients over three to four sessions. During the free initial consultation I will ask specific questions about your eating habits, general lifestyle issues as well as health and family background details. This will then help us both to assess which areas of your life you need to focus on and whether you are ready for this challenge.

In subsequent sessions I will tailor the techniques I use in order to address your particular needs and to bring about sustainable changes as quickly as possible. For example, I may use EFT in order to help you release any stress, or feelings of boredom which may be prompting you to overeat; or relax you into a deep trance state and use positive suggestions in order to help increase your motivation to exercise more. I may use NLP techniques in order to challenge any body image issues, or waking hypnosis techniques to help uncover any subconscious resistance to change.

How often will I need to come for sessions

A gap between sessions is important as this will allow you to review and reflect on the changes you are making, in order that you can be sure your next session will focus on the areas where you still require help - most people I have worked with achieved the greatest benefit by attending sessions on a fortnightly or monthly basis. I will set you small amounts of homework so you can continue to work on your issues in-between sessions, and I will support you by email during this time.

If you have any further questions, or would like to book a session or a free initial consultation, please feel free to email me and I can usually respond within 24 hours.