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Hypnotherapy - frequently asked questions and answers

Q. I’ve been having problems trying to achieve self-hypnosis. I’m using a recording which is very good. It assigns a trigger word to this deep state of relaxation which is supposed to help me to instantly fall into a self-hypnotic state whenever I use a keyword, but this never works on me. Can you help?

A. Yes, I think I can help you. I often combine the use of light pressure on acupressure points, along with keywords and hypnosis, in order to help my clients to quickly achieve a self-hypnotic state. It works well for most people, but anyone in a high stress state, or who is suffering from depression, or taking medication such as anti-depressants, may find it takes a little longer to achieve and will need to be prepared to practice this technique.

Q. I suffer from bouts of depression and anxiety which stop me from relaxing. Will it still be possible to use hypnosis as a tool to help me overcome my problems and move on with my life?

A. Yes, but you might need to proceed more slowly. For anyone suffering from depression and/or anxiety, the biggest problem is helping that individual to quiet and still their mind sufficiently so that they can concentrate and go into an hypnotic state. Hypnosis is all about focused concentration rather than relaxation, so anything which is disturbing the ability to concentrate, and for some people this can be due to the medication they are taking, can make it slightly more difficult, at least initially, to achieve and use the hypnotic state effectively.

When I work with such clients, I usually suggest that we start working on their issues by using some of the energy, or meridian therapy techniques, such as EFT. This has the double benefit of working directly on the client’s issues, helping them to let go of limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviours - and has the wonderful side effect of helping the client to relax and to focus more clearly. I will then start to introduce hypnosis gradually, beginning with simple positive suggestion work. Once a client is more relaxed, focused and able to work well in an hypnotic state, then I will bring in other ways of working in trance e.g. using creative scenarios, regression techniques and visualisation as appropriate.