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About past life regression

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What is past life regression

Past life regression is regression back to a past life experience. This therapy uses an altered state, usually hypnotically induced, in order to access previous lives or experiences.

I guide my clients into a deeply relaxed state, and then continue guiding them through imagery into the past life. For example, I might ask a client to imagine what the door to their past life experience might be like, and then to go through that door. It’s then possible to move forwards and backwards through the life in order to experience it as fully as possible.

Whatever life you access will have meaning for you.

A relaxed trance state allows the subconscious mind to work more effectively and creatively. You will be able to use your own inner guidance and instincts while exploring the life, with a minimal amount of direction from me. I am simply the instructor and facilitator for this work, the experience is all yours.

Why use past life regression

The reasons why a therapist or an individual may choose to use past life regression are very varied.

Sometimes people choose to see if they can explore a life which may be related to a particular problem they are experiencing in this life - such as a recurring nightmare, or a physical pain or ache for which there seems to be no medical reason. Others may choose to connect with a life in which they may have existed in some way with their current partner, a friend, or a parent.

Many people come just because they want to experience a past life.

A therapist may choose to work with a client in this way because past life work allows a person to work very creatively with their issues. There is more flexibility working in a scenario which does not directly connect with a person’s current life, although it is linked. This can give the client the space they need to make changes. It also allows the client to work on their issues in either an associated way, that is within the body and life of the past life character, or as an interested observer - dissociated.

What happens during a session

Once I’ve settled you in a past life scene, you will be able to view, or move around the scene in order to explore it more fully. Some people can experience a past life just as clearly as if it was being played out on a movie screen. However, it’s more common for beginners to view the scene almost like a picture which has been frozen in time, very much like a snapshot. In these cases moving to a different scene is like moving from one snapshot to the next, with little or no information regarding what has happened in between scenes.

Accessing past lives is a skill, and like all skills it becomes easier and develops the more you practice. Some people will have a very detailed experience full of colours, sights, sounds and smells. Others may have very little visual information but may be feeling the emotions of the past life character much more clearly. It’s different for everyone, and each session is unique.

During the session I will help you to move from scene to scene, both forwards and backwards in time, until you have reviewed as much of the life as possible. It will then be possible to witness the death of that past life character, and to go into the afterlife to connect with your spirit guides, and to heal the body. You can also review the life with your guides, in order to explore the lessons you were learning in that life.

Can anyone be regressed into a past life

If you’ve found it easy to concentrate and read this document, then you should be able to be regressed.

However, this work does require a good ability to concentrate and focus for long periods of time, and therefore it is not recommended for anyone who is currently suffering from severe stress or depression.

If there are a lot of problems in your current life that you have not addressed, these can sometimes prevent you from achieving a past life experience. If this happens, I can always work with you using other techniques in order to release any blocks.

Do I need to have any particular personal beliefs, or a religious or spiritual background

No. All that is required is that you come with an open mind and are prepared to make the best possible use of the session. I will work with anyone’s personal belief system. For example, I accept that the past life experience could originate from any of the following sources:

  • the collective unconscious
  • a person’s own creativity
  • genetic memory
  • something in the environment at the time of the session
  • a true past life

My interest in this work is for its very positive therapeutic and healing effects. I am not so interested in detailing a life so that it can proved real, or otherwise, by further investigation.

Is it safe

Yes. I ask detailed questions before I regress anyone, both to assess an individual’s psychological state as well as to find out more about the person and why they want to do this work. This ensures that the person I’m working with is fit to undertake this type of therapy.

What have people achieved through past life regression

As previously mentioned, people come for past life regression for all sorts of reasons. Some people achieve the satisfaction of exploring particular historic periods, or countries, that they feel very drawn to. For others it’s enough to have just experienced a past life.

I have worked with writers who have used the information they have gained from this work to enhance the settings of their stories. Some have used one of their past life characters, or their experience in a past life, as the basis for storylines.

Other people have used this technique with good effect to treat psychological problems, such as recurring nightmares, by working on the past life in which this event happened.

Some clients have achieved greater insight into their repetitive patterns of behaviour, where these patterns have been repeated again and again through time and over a number of past lives. In these cases past life regression has helped the individual to experience at a much deeper level both the behaviour and the lessons which go with it, so that the requirement for change becomes more immediate.

Others have found the directions and advice that they received from their spiritual guides or helpers to be of profound benefit. Such advice may have helped them to forge new paths, or to consolidate their thinking on lifestyle changes that they are currently pursuing. For some people it has even given them the motivation to change job.

I have also used past life regression to help people who have been diagnosed as terminally ill to overcome their fears and misconceptions about death and dying. Although these subjects are generally taboo for most of us in the West, there is a lot to be gained from going through this experience in the safety of trance and in a past life setting. Many people find comfort in experiencing the afterlife.

What about future lives

Future lives can also be explored, in a similar way to past lives. However, in my experience, they tend not to be as rich in meaning or as fulfilling an experience. Most clients tend to use this work in order to try out ideas, to satisfy their own personal curiousity about the future or to connect with the possible future consequences of decisions made in their current life.

If you have any further questions, or would like to book a past-life regression session or a free initial consultation, please feel free to email me and I can usually respond within 24 hours.