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Past life regression - frequently asked questions and answers

Q. Today I had a past life regression but the therapist did not manage to help me to fall into a trance. Has this ever happened to you, and could you please tell me the possible reasons. Would you advise trying a different therapist?

A. I'm sorry to hear that your session didn't work out as planned.  Have you discussed with the therapist why you experienced these problems? If you haven’t already done so you might want to contact them for their feedback on this matter.

It's a difficult question for me to answer without having more details about your session.  However, I can say that it rarely happens that the client I'm working with is unable to attain a trance state, but this is because my prospective past life regression clients undergo an initial consultation at which we discuss any issues that they may have, what they are seeking from a past life regression, and I then test their suitability for past life work.  It would be clear to me at the end of this process if a client was going to have difficulties, and I would then advise them accordingly.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  If you are unwilling, or fearful, about entering an altered state, you are unlikely to do so.  Also, anyone who is suffering from stress or depression, or who finds it hard to concentrate and focus for a significant period of time will struggle with relaxing into trance and getting the most out of a session - and this has nothing to do with the skill of the therapist involved.

If you have problems letting go you may find it helpful to learn to meditate, or to work with some self-hypnosis relaxation recordings. The more preparation you put in, the more you are likely to be able to relax, let go and get the most out of your session.

Q. I'm confused about something I’ve been told by my partner who underwent past life regression therapy some time ago. I don’t know how I'm supposed to react to it, and I'm looking for advice.

His main memory from the past life was of being shot and dying. Later on he remembered other things about the past life, namely that he had been married to a woman, who was the same person he had a current-life relationship with and which had ended a few months before the therapy. He was very emotional when telling me this story, saying that the worst part was leaving his body as he was dying knowing that he was leaving his wife behind. He said he felt guilty about leaving her, but did not specify whether he meant in this life or in his previous life. It’s left me wondering whether he still has feelings for this woman in his current life, and whether he should be with her. When I asked him about this he said he didn't know.

A. When someone undergoes a past life regression it can be a very profound and moving experience.  What makes the experience special for the client is the emotional connection they have with their past life character and the thoughts, feelings and experiences which are shared.  These emotions are very real, and when there are links in a past life to individuals in the current life, the situation and emotions can be heightened and intensified.

When your partner talks of feeling guilty about 'leaving her', he is most probably referring to his 'wife' in the past - but you would be wise to seek clarification on this point.  Most past life regression therapists would get their client to work on releasing the guilty feelings from the past before the session is terminated, but this may not have been dealt with during his session and hence some confusion remains.

I would also think that your partner is being honest when he says that he doesn't know if he was meant to be with this woman in his current life.  The two situations are very different and when you are experiencing, or calling up a past life memory, you are totally engaged in that experience without any thoughts of this life.  Although you can recognise the person and their energies, what happened in the past does not mean there needs to be a similar connection with the individual in this life.

It sounds like your partner missed an opportunity to work through some of his issues regarding this relationship during his regression session, as this may have helped him to let go and move forward with his life, rather than to confuse him further.  He does need to think through and make sense of his feelings and come to some determination regarding this event, but this is very much down to him to work on and when he feels ready to do so.

I assume you're confused about this situation as you think he is still strongly connected to this other woman in his current life.  That may, or may not, be the case, but this is something you both need to work out on a current life level.  Don't let the fact that he connected with her in a past life confuse the situation in the here and now.

If this brings up issues of your own, for example, around security, jealous or possessive feelings, you may find it helpful to work through these in therapy in order that these don’t hinder your current or any future relationships.

Q. I’m interested in past life regression for two main reasons: to discover my life’s work, and to learn how I have related to close family members in my previous life, especially my eldest son as I’ve always found it hard not to lose my temper with him. I don’t feel confident being his mum, he’s always pushing my boundaries. Is it possible to experience past lives for both issues in one session?

A. Many clients come to me for past life regression sessions in order to gain further insight into issues similar to those which you raise.  Through this process most clients are able to discover more about their life's purpose and their life's work, but not everyone is able to access the information they are seeking. Sometimes they will go through a whole session in order to discover, when they are in a between-lives state, that they need to be patient and to let the information be revealed to them over time.

Similarly, most clients are successful in accessing past-life memories where it is clear that they shared the experience with existing family members (some family members, but rarely all of them in one past life). However, in subsequent sessions they may connect with past-life memories where there are no family links at all.

I endeavour to help my clients achieve their goals and the information they are seeking, but past-life regression can be a bit of a lottery as you never know what is going to come up.  It is a real leap into the dark.

It is sometimes possible to combine a couple of issues in one session but, generally speaking, sessions are usually more successful if you can narrow down exactly what it is that you are looking for.  For example, your lack of confidence regarding your eldest son, and the reasons for it, could potentially be a focus for a past-life session along with a wish to discover more about your life's work and purpose.

Most clients are able to achieve the information they require in one session if they are sufficiently focused as the sessions are quite lengthy, but sometimes further sessions are required.

You may also find it helpful to consider other forms of therapy for working with your confidence issues in general.

Q. Is it possible to bring my baby along to a past life session, he sleeps very well and it would save me having to find a babysitter?

A. I’m sorry, but it would be best if you attend the session on your own. A past life regression session can take 2 - 2.5 hours and you would need to be able focus on the session uninterrupted during this time. Even if your baby is a good sleeper, the different environment and the reactions you may experience during the session could potentially be disruptive and counter-productive. As a general rule I don't usually work with anyone else in the room (even partners and friends) as this can produce an energetic conflict which could impact on the session.