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Past Life Regression - Testimonial

The following information from a client about their past life regression session and experiences is unsolicited, and I have their full permission to publish this account.

Each individual’s experience is unique, and therefore you will find other accounts which will focus on very different aspects of what was learned, or achieved, in those sessions.

I hope you will find this information both informative and useful.

Dear Pat,

You probably don't remember me anymore but I have to thank you again for what you have done for me back in 2007 with past life regression. Now I can make sense of it and be amazed (read below) !!!

This sounds incredible and I still have to come to terms with it... but the evidence is incontrovertible !!!

Since I was in my 20s I believed in reincarnation but I could never have a definitive proof of it. I read lots of books about it but it wasn't enough for me. I needed something 100% reliable. So I was looking for someone who could perform a regressive hypnosis on me... but I could never find one in Italy (now there is someone).

After many attempts, I gave up. Then I moved to London in 1999 and I was busy with so many other things in my life that I forgot about it. To make it short, I found a very good hypnotherapist[, Patricia Bishop, ]close to where I was living in the Autumn of 2007 and I went for it straight away (29 September 2007) !!! ... Finally !!! I had only one condition: I had to digitally audio record the whole session... and [Pat] accepted. So I have the audio file of approx 2 and 1/2 hours !!!

What emerged from the trance was totally unexpected and both of us were VERY surprised !!! I am not going to give you the details, which are very personal, but I can say that there were two main stories. One was clearly the story of a Roman General in Britannia (but couldn't find out his name and the exact historical period) and the other one is a highly Spiritual experience with no time attached to it (it can even be the future. I don't know...).

I looked for ancient stories of Romans in Britain but without much conviction and then I forgot about it. The Spiritual part was (is) much more important to me...

Then, few days ago, while studying a Christian Theology book, the story of a Roman General popped up and those few details given in the book were astonishingly similar to part of my hypnosis. I had a very powerful flashback and so I googled this guy and did a lot of additional reading...

Here I can now claim with absolute certainty that I was GNAEUS JULIUS AGRICOLA:



This is his biography/eulogy by the historian Tacitus:


This now explains all the missing pieces of my life so far. Pieces that I couldn't explain even with all my Astrological knowledge, my past in this life, my family or any other way. Simply, there are things that we all carry on from our past lives !!! There are lessons that we need to learn in this life that come from very ancient times and that no Psychologist, Astrologer or anybody else can explain based on the present life.

I feel BLESSED and RELIEVED !!!! What a REVELATION I have now !!!! It all makes complete sense to me !!!

Go for a regressive hypnosis yourself and, hopefully, you will have a similar epiphany !!!!

V. S.